Monday, December 31, 2012

Petition US Governors to donate seized/forfeited cars to Americans in need of transportation

There are currently tens of thousands of American citizens on the waiting list for a vehicle nationwide at FreeCharityCars.Org and that number continues to grow everyday. The demand is high and the car donations are low and not meeting the current needs. Members, their loved ones and children have actually passed away and some are dying now waiting for a vehicle. Sadly in some circumstances simply having transportation for proper ongoing medical care could have or can prevent their untimely demise. With all of the vehicles that the Government amasses on a daily basis nationwide through seized and forfeited vehicles the needs of so many could be easily met.

With the current economic crisis in our country and so many Americans struggling to survive it is crucial that a solution be found to best assist as many as possible to avoid a complete crippling of our citizens ability to be a functional productive part of society. Transportation plays a vital part in that role and the average American should not be overlooked when the Government can make a change in the lives of so many by simply donating seized and/or forfeited vehicles to FreeCharityCars.Org . 

We call upon each of you Governors to use your position and power to make the possibility of the donation of these vehicles a reality and in return you will reap the benefits by having these people once again back in the societal picture as productive citizens.

Please sign the petition, we need more signatures :)

Thank you!

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