Sunday, January 27, 2013

Free Cars 2013

During the tax season, some tax-payers donate their used cars to nonprofit organizations in return for a tax write-off deduction. 

Those non-profit organizations turn around and sell those cars to help raise money for specific charitable causes. 

However, other organizations, give these cars to people who are in need.  That's where comes in.  FreeCharityCars has donated over 4500 free vehicles to persons or families in need of vehicle.

There are many people that have been hit by the economy, disabled, homeless, or some that have lost everything or starting from ground zero .. AND.. they all need a chance in life.  The unemployed workers finally have an opportunity to seek jobs that were out of their job search area.  Single mothers can stay out of the rain and cold weather with their babies.

Whether you need a car or would like to help, please visit FreeCharityCars.  Here are ways you can help:
  1. Sign up at FreeCharityCars -
  2. Vote for members, voting is free (no money involved, just the click of your mouse button).  You'll be helping the person to get closer to a donated vehicle.
  3. Make a donation, although not necessary, but appreciated

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